How your school will benefit from using Mitchell-Armstrong

As school marketing specialists ourselves with a wealth of experience working in education, we know that the demands on you are greater now than ever before.

Schools are under huge financial pressures. The drive to improve standards and deliver effective teaching and learning is constant. Staffing and building costs take up most of the school budget and often leave little money for marketing. 


Aside from the financial constraints, making time to develop and carry out a full marketing audit can be difficult. Especially as a school marketer must consider a whole variety of communication channels when devising their marketing strategy. 

But professional marketing is an essential business process and your school will get great benefit from it. 

It will improve your effectiveness

As the school market changes and becomes more complex, crowded and competitive, you need to listen to your community, maximise your offering and communicate better with all of your stakeholders.

Moreover, professional school marketing will help you build better relationships with parents, teachers, governors, local employers, the local media, former students and other stakeholders.

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