The most important aspect of successful marketing is a cohesive and structured strategy based upon a clear objective, and one where its success can be measured over time.

At Mitchell-Armstrong, we can draw on our widespread knowledge of school marketing to create a tailored and unique plan to achieve the objectives you set. This will be a thoroughly researched, detailed plan including the milestones we will be working towards throughout the process.

Taking it to the next level

Once this has been achieved Mitchell-Armstrong is perfectly placed to help you take it to the next level. Reinforcing your brand is all in the detail - and we can take care of everything from logo design and branding to social media, website building, printed materials, signage, photo boards and displays, advertising, PR and even provide promotional events.

All on time, on budget, cost-effective, measurable and providing the best possible return on your investment.

Call Mitchell-Armstrong today on 01223 569336 or email us for an initial school marketing consultation.