Selling your school to prospective members of staff is just as important as highlighting your many achievements and academic record to prospective parents.

That’s why at Mitchell-Armstrong, we understand the importance of making your recruitment process as professional and polished as possible. We’ll help you to make sure that your school is attractive to those academic and support staff you are trying to recruit, by highlighting the many benefits of working within your school. 

Digital HR packs

We’ll do this by developing a digital HR pack branded to your school and outlining precisely why prospective teachers and support staff should choose your educational establishment. This digital pack will highlight your school’s unique values and purpose, share your vision for the future and how the potential applicant can help take you there. 

It will also include all of the academic achievements, exam results, sports awards, famous alumni and so on, to give a flavour and enhance the reputation of the school they may soon be joining.

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